1. What is Sqlite?
2. Why sqlite is being called inbuilt database in PHP?
3. How mysql can be installed?
4. How mysql can be configured?
5. What are best features of MYsql?
6. How many types of storage engine mysql supports?
7. What is different between mysql_fetch_row and mysql_fetch_array functions?
8. How mysql databases can be optimized or repaired?
9. Can we used stored procedure and triggers in mysql? Give details.
10. How transactions can be done in mysql?
11. What are explain statements in mysql?
12. How explain statements can be used to optimize mysql queries?
13. How mysql can be configured for optimal performance?
14. How we can log slow queries in mysql?
15. How RDBMS principals has been implemented in mysql?
16. What are best options to take backup of mysql database?
17. What are common sql client available for mysql?
18. What are different column types available in mysql?
19. What is PHPmyadmin?
20. How PHPmyadmin can be used to administer mysql?
21. How myisam tables are different from innobd tables?
22. How numbers bigger than 11 digit can be handled in mysql with PHP?
23. How cascading deletes can be done in mysql?
24. How sqlite is different from mysql?
25. What are common usage of sqlite database?
26. How permission can be managed in sqlite database?
27. How table level security can be implemented in mysql?
28. What are differences between masters and slave database servers?
29. What are common problems with database server replications?
30. Describe the process through which a sqlite database can be created and connected?
31. What is the different between mysql_query and mysql_execute function?
32. What is outfile statement in mysql?
33. How we can import csv files in mysql directly?
34. How mysql_real_escape_string prevent sql injections? How it is different from addslashes?
35. How you can take the backup of a mysql database from command prompt?
36. How you can restore a database using mysql client from command prompt?
37. How we store an image or a word file in database, how?
38. What is enum data type and how this can help to optimize database?
39. What are indexes? Give some benefits and drawbacks of them.
40. What are full text indexes?
41. Can we have a sqlite database on a different server?
42. What is the difference between mysql_num_rows and mysql_affected_rows?
43. How query cache can be enabled in mysql?
44. How ‘too many connections’ can be solved and what are the reasons behind it?