AWS Architect (Associate) Training workshop by Zareef Ahmed

AWS Architect (Associate) Training workshop by Zareef Ahmed


This two-day workshop has been designed to prepare you for AWS Architect (Associate) Certification.

This workshop is : –

  • Two days learning marathon workshop from morning to evening
  • It has lots of practical scenario based questions  with practical sessions

For more details please send me your name, email address and city to whatsapp number 9818123697


Why I am charging so low for this workshop?

This workshop is my personal commitment to spread cloud education. My major objective is to prepare candidates, so they can learn AWS and if they also want to appear for exam, they can easily clear it.


Can I give further discount on the cost?

Yes, I can. As I have mentioned earlier, my major objective is to spread cloud education, So if you can bring more people to workshop, I can give further discounts. Please feel free to contact me on 9818123697 for more details.


Do I also provide training for Google Cloud, Azure and other Cloud services?

Yes, I do. Feel free to contact me on 9818123697.