Your Internet-facing services are exposed to a variety of threats from volumetric and protocol DDoS to sophisticated application attacks. In this session, you’ll learn how to customize defense for your Google Cloud services based on your unique requirements. Dive deep into DDoS defense with Google’s edge infrastructure, Cloud Load Balancing, and Cloud Armor. Get a close look at Cloud Armor, a new GCP service which provides IP Blacklists/Whitelists, geo-based access control, rich Layer 3-Layer 7 rules language for custom rules, XSS and SQLi defense and telemetry. Learn how to layer in TLS everywhere, Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP), and VPC security to deliver comprehensive protection. Complement these capabilities with a variety of solutions from GCP security partners. A popular retailer (online and brick and mortar) will provide a real-world blueprint by describing how they architect their internet-facing services in GCP and protect their business against DDoS and app attacks on a daily basis and during events like Black Friday. Looking to the future, we will provide a glimpse of how machine and deep learning are key to intelligent and toil-free defense.


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