I am available for consultancy for  application architecture planning, monitoring and deployment.

You can avail exclusive consultancy on hourly basis via IM, email or phone (expect an accent with Indian touch).

Where consultancy can help you :-

1. You stuck somewhere in your application development and wants an expert or second opinion.

2. You want to discuss possible architecture of your application.

3. You want to make sure that your team is doing work in right direction.

4. You want someone at your disposal whenever you need.

5. You want to optimize your application performance.

6. You want to plan the deployment of your application with lots of hardware resources.

7. You want to analyze your application to future improvements.

8…. Whatever you have in your mind about PHP, application written in PHP and their optimization,security and deployment.

Please do write an email to zareef at to discuss your consultancy plan or you can contact me via my contact us  page