AWS Architect (Associate) Training workshop by Zareef Ahmed

This two-day workshop has been designed to prepare you for AWS Architect (Associate) Certification.

This workshop is : –

  • Two days learning marathon workshop from morning to evening
  • It has lots of practical scenario based questions  with practical sessions
  • Coverage of New Exam Pattern

For more details please send me your name, email address and city to whatsapp number 9818123697


Why I am charging so low for this workshop?

This workshop is my personal commitment to spread cloud education. My major objective is to prepare candidates, so they can learn AWS and if they also want to appear for exam, they can easily clear it.…

Seminar : Devops for Java Programmers with Zareef Ahmed

Seminar : Devops for Java Programmers with Zareef Ahmed

 This seminar covers : –

  • Introduction to Devops
  • Devops and Automation
  • Automation for Java Programmers
  • Identification of Tools for Java Platforms
  • Introduction to Pipelines in Jenkins

Duration : One day  9 AM to 5 PM

Place : New Delhi

Includes :

  • Booklet “7 Days strategy for Devops”
  • Study Materials
  • Lunch and Tea

AWS Certification Exam : 9 Online Education providers which you can use

AWS Certification Exam : 9 Online Education providers which you can use

AWS certification exams are quite popular and in demand. AWS is an open cloud provider with largest market share.

Certification gives you  any benefits or not, is always a debatable topic. I am not going into that aspects of certifications, in my view, if you do not see any value in certifications, you can still use them as a benchmark of your own learning journey.

Amazon has multiple certification exams under four categories. These categories are Architecting, Developing, Operations and Specialties. …

AWS architect : What an architect does?

AWS architect : What an architect does?

An architect is a person who is responsible for how development team will come out with product. He handles how different components will talk to each other, he even decides what different components will be used to produce stable and secure product.

So, architect is generally responsible for : –

  1. What different components will be used?
  2. How those components will interact with each other?
  3. How an application will handle fail over and downtime of any specific component.
  4.  He is the  person who is normally involved with the project since very early phase.
9 things you need to know about Java 9

9 things you need to know about Java 9

Java 9 has been released in the market. It has lots of new improvements and additions. In this article, I am enlisting 9 things of this major release.

Java 9

  1. Introduction of Jshell

Now, java has joined the league of languages with a shell. Languages like python, ruby and R were having a handy shell in which we can evaluate our code on the fly. Now java has introduced Jshell using which we can eval our java code easily. The jshell tool provides an interactive command-line interface for evaluatin declarations statements and expressions of the java programming language.…

VMware on AWS : What you need to know?

VMware on AWS : What you need to know?

In August 2017, AWS launched VMware for Amazon Cloud service after one year of work with vmware. It was announced at VMworld. It was in beta access since sometime for some selected customers.

Now you can take your VMware load to AWS while still managing your inhouse cloud operations. In this article, I am enlist some of the highlights of this service.
1. Currently it available in only US west (Oregon) region.
2. You can bring your existing licences with you while moving your load to this service.…

10 differences between AWS and Google Cloud

10 differences between AWS and Google Cloud

AWS is market leader in open cloud space but other players are making inroads into its market share. Google cloud is one of them. In this talk, we are going to cover 10 differences between Google Cloud and AWS. Major focus is on the features which covers common use cases. You can take this talk as stepping stone to understand another cloud service provider if you know one of them.…