PHP Development Notes

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While writing PHP code or planning an application to be written in PHP, Every other day we have to face different aspects of programming, and we also need to find the work around or solutions to the problem we got during our development work.

Many times I surf the online pages of PHP manual to solve my problems and I found comments by other people very useful, so I have decided to compile the list of notes I normally took while working on the project.

Hope this will help someone someday in some situation.

What are some limitations of PHP?

Recently I answered a question on quora. I am reproducing it here again. In my view question is not complete and does not provide context which has to be evaluated to answer. So I am writing this answer based on two assumptions. First of all I am assuming that questioner is evaluating few programming languages […]

Drupal vs Zend : which one should be used for application development?

“You have done that specific site in Zend, don’t you think our application is also suitable for Zend instead of Drupal”, I just got this email from a prospective client. This question has been asked to me many times. I am a big fan of Drupal as well Zend, so this question always put me […]

PHP Functions to work with PHP Arrays

This posts was written in year 2006 on 20th May. In one of my server crash, I lost my posts, Today I got it recovered from, and representing it again.   Today, I am going to write about array PHP functions, these functions allow you to interact with and manipulate arrays in various ways. […]

How to optimize all databases and tabels on mysql server?

Optimization of database tables in mysql is a process which has to be carried out regularly to make your database in good health. According to mysql manual, OPTIMIZE TABLE should be used if you have deleted a large part of a table or if you have made many changes to a table with variable-length rows […]

Using PHP and Java in the Same App with PHP/Java Bridge

In this article you will learn how to install and configure the PHP/Java Bridge and how to use Java classes in PHP scripts in a demo application. To use the PHP/Java bridge, you should have knowledge of Java SE and the PHP5 core, as well as how they interact. PHP 4 supported an extension for […]

Integrating Zend Framework with Drupal and WordPress

Zend Framework is not only a framework but a robust library for many kind of operations and services. While working with Drupal or WordPress sometime we found that a good library for one particular operation is already available in Zend Framework. You can easily use Zend Framework library in your projects with bothering about its […]

PHP Functions to work with PHP functions

In this article, I am going to write about the functions using which you can get the information about php functions. For a full list of PHP functions you can visit Using these functions you can query the stats/status of your functions, these functions are very useful in dynamic application creation. For example, using […]

Use Exit after redirecting user via header function

Some weeks ago I got an old PHP application to work with. I was asked to look for the potential problems and bottlenecks in the application. So I decide to use APD as a profiler for the application, after installing the APD on that server. I enabled profiler on one of the reportedly slow page. […]

Using SQL abstraction and CRUD factory classes is a good practice?

This question again struck me today, somebody just throw a simple question about EXPLAIN statement in MySQL and in hast I relate that to DESCRIBE. When that person cut the line of phone, I suddenly realize my mistake. I am working with PHP and MySQL since last seven years then why this happen to me? […]

PHP4 and PHP5 version conflicts and why we should stop using PHP 4

PHP 5 is in the market since many years, but it still has to capture the market. Why? Is it not efficient version of PHP language? What are main reasons behind slow-adoption of PHP version 5. I am compiling a list of reasons; you can also send me the reason why you have moved to […]