Zend Framework is not only a framework but a robust library for many kind of operations and services. While working with Drupal or WordPress sometime we found that a good library for one particular operation is already available in Zend Framework.

You can easily use Zend Framework library in your projects with bothering about its app framework and MVC structure. Drupal and WordPress both have mechanism to use Zend framework in them without doing any major work.

Drupa module for Zend Framework

Its very easy to setup and use. You can start using Zend Framework in your Drupal modules within few minutes.
Installation and usage instructions are available on Module’s page.


This module is available for version 6 as well as 7 of Drupal.

WordPress plugin for Zend Framework


This module also provide embedded Zend framework library and easy to install and setup.

Plugin’s official setup instructions need one clarification (As I am writing this).

On page


Following instruction has been mentioned.

1. Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory

I think writer forgot to change the instruction template, this can be read at

1. Upload zend-framework folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory

One more plugin is also available for WordPress at


This module has instructions which are more detailed and precise to be used.

Let�s plug the power of Zend Framework library to these wonderful CMSs and enjoy the benefits.