1. What is object oriented programming?
2. How PHP supports object oriented programming? Tell us about syntax etc.
3. What are main features and benefits of object oriented programming?
4. How object oriented programming is different from procedural programming?
5. What is inheritance? How it is implemented in PHP?
6. How multiple inheritance can be implemented in PHP?
7. What are differences between PHP 4 and PHP 5 in regards to object oriented programming?
8. What is encapsulation and how it helps writing modular applications in PHP?
9. What is the constructor and destructor in PHP in regard to Object oriented programming?
10. What is reflection?
11. What are object iterators?
12. What do you mean by call by value and call by references?
13. What are magic functions? How they can be used?
14. What is serialization? How it affect the object oriented programming in PHP?
15. What are different types of access modifiers available in PHP?
16. What happen if we omit the access modifiers declaration from our classes?
17. What are the differences between interfaces and abstract classes?
18. What do you mean by calling a function statically?
19. How can we call parent functions of a class?
20. What are ‘sleep’ and ‘wakeup’ functions?
21. What is method overloading?
22. How method overloading can be achieved in PHP?
23. What are class constants?
24. What is autoloading in PHP?
25. What is static calling of functions in Object oriented programming?
26. How can we port a PHP 4 class to PHP 5?