In August 2017, AWS launched VMware for Amazon Cloud service after one year of work with vmware. It was announced at VMworld. It was in beta access since sometime for some selected customers.

Now you can take your VMware load to AWS while still managing your inhouse cloud operations. In this article, I am enlist some of the highlights of this service.
1. Currently it available in only US west (Oregon) region.
2. You can bring your existing licences with you while moving your load to this service.
3. You can create hybrid cloud with your own native (on premise) subnets with services at Amazon AWS.
4. You can manage your whole hybrid network through single user interface provided by VMware name vCenter Server.
5. It means that people who are good with VMWare can use their existing skill set to create public cloud infrastructure.
6. IT support IPSec VPN tunnels to on-premised firewalls, routers etc.
7. You can bring even your Windows licences to it.

This is the structure provided by Amazon.