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What you should know in wordpress to be a wordpress programmer?

I got several messages that I should point out a list of topics which a developer should know in wordpress to categorize him/her as a wordpress programmer.

“WordPress Programmer” or “WordPress Developer” terms can be new to someone but due its popularity, term is getting attention and several companies are doing hiring based on wordpress experience only.

So in this post I am just enlisting some points which a wordpress programmer should know.

  • How to install wordpress? (Yes it really easy but you should know that :))
  • How to edit config file of wordpress if needed?

WordPress : A PHP Developer’s delight

First in the series of my experiments with Open Source CMS, today I will write about my experiments with wordpress as PHP developer.

I heard about wordpress long ago but have used it on large scale since year 2007. I have created some custom setups so different domains can run from same code base. I have also created lots of plugins to handle content customization, displaying different source content like google maps, creating automated posts with different source database, url customizations and lots of things.…