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15 Questions about Magento Ecommerce System

I am enlisting 15 questions related to Magento ecommerce system. If you can answer these questions, you can consider yourself as a good beginner in Magento.

To understand Magento you should cover at least following areas :

  • Store Management
  • Product Management
  • Category Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Understanding of product variables
  • Layout and themes
  • Cache Management
  • Backup and Restoration of Backup
  • Extension Overview

1. What is Magento and how it is different from other e-commerce solutions available in the market?
2. How to create new Magento extensions?…

26 questions about Object Oriented Programming in PHP

1. What is object oriented programming?
2. How PHP supports object oriented programming? Tell us about syntax etc.
3. What are main features and benefits of object oriented programming?
4. How object oriented programming is different from procedural programming?
5. What is inheritance? How it is implemented in PHP?
6. How multiple inheritance can be implemented in PHP?
7. What are differences between PHP 4 and PHP 5 in regards to object oriented programming?
8. What is encapsulation and how it helps writing modular applications in PHP?…

44 questions about Database Programming in PHP

1. What is Sqlite?
2. Why sqlite is being called inbuilt database in PHP?
3. How mysql can be installed?
4. How mysql can be configured?
5. What are best features of MYsql?
6. How many types of storage engine mysql supports?
7. What is different between mysql_fetch_row and mysql_fetch_array functions?
8. How mysql databases can be optimized or repaired?
9. Can we used stored procedure and triggers in mysql? Give details.
10. How transactions can be done in mysql?

13 questions about PHP configuration options

1. How PHP configurations can be changed?
2. What are major configuration values which we usually may want to change?
3. Mention the types of values which we can set in configuration values?
4. Can we use the ini_set function anywhere in our script?
5. Can we change and restore the configuration value to its original form from a script?
6. What are error reporting settings? How they affect the script?
7. What are session related settings in PHP?
8. What are database related settings?…

28 questions about PHP programming in general

1. How PHP is different from other programming language?
2. What are basic and main features of PHP?
3. A brief history of PHP?
4. Can we use the PHP for desktop application development?
5. What are PHP data types?
6. How we can install the PHP on windows?
7. How we can install the PHP on Linux?
8. How we can install the PHP on Mac?
9. How PHP is platform independent?
10. How we can customize the PHP behaviour in our installation?…

16 questions about File uploading and Form handling in PHP programming

1. Do we need to do something specific to do form handling in PHP?
2. How file uploading has to be enabled in a HTML form?
3. How PHP handles file uploading process?
4. What are configuration variables available in PHP for forms?
5. What configuration variables available in PHP for file uploading?
6. What are register_globals in PHP and how these are related to forms?
7. How form data can be accessed in a PHP script?
8. How form data can be secure from bad user inputs?…

PHP Interview Questions

Hi, I have created a page on my this blog named PHP Interview Questions on which I will compile a list of questions which I normally asks to my candidates. I am not worried about leaking my questions strategy as I know only a good person can handle my supplementary questions I asked on the spot.…

What you should know in wordpress to be a wordpress programmer?

I got several messages that I should point out a list of topics which a developer should know in wordpress to categorize him/her as a wordpress programmer.

“WordPress Programmer” or “WordPress Developer” terms can be new to someone but due its popularity, term is getting attention and several companies are doing hiring based on wordpress experience only.

So in this post I am just enlisting some points which a wordpress programmer should know.

  • How to install wordpress? (Yes it really easy but you should know that :))
  • How to edit config file of wordpress if needed?