After spending so many years in the field of programming, working on numerous projects and some good upstart companies, people usually ask a question to me about my liking and procedure to choose and create good team.

The word “good” is an adjective and it cannot be quantify so it is really hard to define the parameters of a good team. I have seen in my career that one good team was a complete failure in another project.

.. But when I was thinking about these things around few years back, one thing came to my mind, why should not I try to build a dream team by selecting or choosing people with whom I have worked in my career.

So here is my dream team, I have tried to be objective in my selection, but as I said earlier you really cannot be objective in these subjective matters. I am trying to give designation to people in the team so their qualities can be identified.

Dream PHP Team

Bhupesh Tarsolia : Project Manager

Vinod Kumar : Tech Lead and Project Manager

Ravinesh Raj – Tech research

Sukhvinder Singh : Tech lead and Mentor

Saud Rashid : Lead Programmer

Karn Singh : Project coordinator

Avadhesh Puruwar : Lead programmer

Abhishkek Mittal  : Tech Lead and Research

Masood Ansari :Research and Development and Client Interactions

Biswajit Mukhrjee : Creative Head and Project coordinator

Devesh Bhattacharya – Lead programmer and project coordinator

Hari Shankar Tripathi – Lead programmer and assistant project manager

Swarajya Ketan : Lead programmer and Research

My Role in this team

I really can not see my role in this team, they are so good people that they can do anything without any external help.

There are few more people which should be in the list, so I will keep updating this list in future. Also I will try to give some more details about these wonderful colleagues I have worked with.