Recently I have done few projects where sites were growing rapidly in terms of functionalities and their current wordpress structure was not good enough to handle those changes. I am going to write about the summary of these personal experiences in this series of articles. I will summarize the steps and work I have done to do this migration.

Why Migration?

We should not do something because we can, should only do if need is there. So before starting it is necessary to understand if you really need the migration from WordPress to Drupal. WordPress is really a fantastic system and I have used the wordpress on website where we have done big customization and those sites were getting users visit in millions.

Following points can be considered and discussed with the team before finalizing migration :-
1. What is main purpose of migration?
2. What are the main problems which you are supposed to be solved with migration?
3. Is there any available way in the current system using which current system issues can be solved?
4. What is the time different between estimation of migration and solving problem within current system?
5. Do you see any future benefits in migration?
6. Do you have required skill set and resources to do the migration?
7. Are you migrating because you do not have resources to manage current system?

Gather answers for these questions and then analyze your situation.

In next part I will discuss what benefits Drupal can provide over a WordPress system?