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7 Devops tools which you should know to create a productive devops culture

Let me state it in start without any introduction. Devops is a culture of practices. It is not a tool. In fact, it is a set of processes for which we use different type of tools, so we can create the culture we want to follow in our organisation or project life cycle. There are lots of open source or proprietary tools to service our devops strategies.

Devops is a combination of rituals as well as tools to do those rituals.…

Devops for QA : Is programming required?

Recently I got this query


I am working as a Testing team lead in manual testing so i don’t have a programming knowledge. Now, I want to learn DevOps. Before join in this course i want to clarify my doubts.

1. Is it possible to learn as a manual tester because I don’t have a programming knowledge?

2. Do I need to write or implement more coding or scripts?

3. Once I finished DevOps course and certification, can I work and perform well?…