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26 questions about Object Oriented Programming in PHP

1. What is object oriented programming?
2. How PHP supports object oriented programming? Tell us about syntax etc.
3. What are main features and benefits of object oriented programming?
4. How object oriented programming is different from procedural programming?
5. What is inheritance? How it is implemented in PHP?
6. How multiple inheritance can be implemented in PHP?
7. What are differences between PHP 4 and PHP 5 in regards to object oriented programming?
8. What is encapsulation and how it helps writing modular applications in PHP?…

13 questions about PHP configuration options

1. How PHP configurations can be changed?
2. What are major configuration values which we usually may want to change?
3. Mention the types of values which we can set in configuration values?
4. Can we use the ini_set function anywhere in our script?
5. Can we change and restore the configuration value to its original form from a script?
6. What are error reporting settings? How they affect the script?
7. What are session related settings in PHP?
8. What are database related settings?…

28 questions about PHP programming in general

1. How PHP is different from other programming language?
2. What are basic and main features of PHP?
3. A brief history of PHP?
4. Can we use the PHP for desktop application development?
5. What are PHP data types?
6. How we can install the PHP on windows?
7. How we can install the PHP on Linux?
8. How we can install the PHP on Mac?
9. How PHP is platform independent?
10. How we can customize the PHP behaviour in our installation?…

16 questions about File uploading and Form handling in PHP programming

1. Do we need to do something specific to do form handling in PHP?
2. How file uploading has to be enabled in a HTML form?
3. How PHP handles file uploading process?
4. What are configuration variables available in PHP for forms?
5. What configuration variables available in PHP for file uploading?
6. What are register_globals in PHP and how these are related to forms?
7. How form data can be accessed in a PHP script?
8. How form data can be secure from bad user inputs?…

How to optimize all databases and tabels on mysql server?

Optimization of database tables in mysql is a process which has to be carried out regularly to make your database in good health.

According to mysql manual,

OPTIMIZE TABLE should be used if you have deleted a large part of a table or if you have made many changes to a table with variable-length rows (tables that have VARCHAR, VARBINARY, BLOB, or TEXT columns). Deleted rows are maintained in a linked list and subsequent INSERT operations reuse old row positions. You can use OPTIMIZE TABLE to reclaim the unused space and to defragment the data file.

Integrating Zend Framework with Drupal and WordPress

Zend Framework is not only a framework but a robust library for many kind of operations and services. While working with Drupal or WordPress sometime we found that a good library for one particular operation is already available in Zend Framework.

You can easily use Zend Framework library in your projects with bothering about its app framework and MVC structure. Drupal and WordPress both have mechanism to use Zend framework in them without doing any major work.

Drupa module for Zend Framework

Its very easy to setup and use.…

WordPress : A PHP Developer’s delight

First in the series of my experiments with Open Source CMS, today I will write about my experiments with wordpress as PHP developer.

I heard about wordpress long ago but have used it on large scale since year 2007. I have created some custom setups so different domains can run from same code base. I have also created lots of plugins to handle content customization, displaying different source content like google maps, creating automated posts with different source database, url customizations and lots of things.…

PHP Functions to work with PHP functions

In this article, I am going to write about the functions using which you can get the information about php functions.

For a full list of PHP functions you can visit http://www.zend.com/phpfunc/

Using these functions you can query the stats/status of your functions, these functions are very useful in dynamic application creation.

For example, using func_get_arg and func_num_args functions you can simulate the function overloading in PHP.

Read a good example for http://www.dubi.org/php-function-overloading

Functions I will write in this article are :-


You want to how many functions are in your installation of PHP, just call this function, it will return an array of all php functions you can call.…

PHP Training Education Tutor in Delhi NCR

As PHP is gaining the ground in India, numbers of initial level jobs are also increasing day by day. Almost every day I got questions from new comers how they can learn PHP? Which training institute is providing the training in PHP?

Unfortunately almost all major player of training industry in India, specially Delhi are still not doing much (I should nothing) in this regard.

So I am thinking about organizing PHP training camps in and around Delhi in this summer, If you would like to be in that camp, I would request you for sending a message via my contact us page.…

Using SQL abstraction and CRUD factory classes is a good practice?

This question again struck me today, somebody just throw a simple question about EXPLAIN statement in MySQL and in hast I relate that to DESCRIBE. When that person cut the line of phone, I suddenly realize my mistake.

I am working with PHP and MySQL since last seven years then why this happen to me? This is because I am not using MySQL frequently, although it is the integral part of almost every application I am working on. I am fairly away from MySQL queries because I am using my factory classes or framework like cakephp which does not require me to write the SQL queries.…