Author: Zareef Ahmed

What are some limitations of PHP?

Recently I answered a question on quora. I am reproducing it here again.

In my view question is not complete and does not provide context which has to be evaluated to answer.

So I am writing this answer based on two assumptions.

First of all I am assuming that questioner is evaluating few programming languages and wants to make a decision which language to use or learn?

One of the major feature of PHP is also its biggest limitation. It is loose type and does automatic data type conversion in most of the situations.…

Drupal vs Zend : which one should be used for application development?

“You have done that specific site in Zend, don’t you think our application is also suitable for Zend instead of Drupal”, I just got this email from a prospective client.

This question has been asked to me many times. I am a big fan of Drupal as well Zend, so this question always put me in my difficult zone. As I know both, I really can not take a stand against any one of them. Technically speaking, both are capable of handing any kind of project, although both have their pros and cons.…

Why randomization is a difficult algorithm to implement?

If you are doing programming, You must have used random numbers. They are useful in many situations when you want to give some randomization to your program output like lottery draw, random banners generation, random user display etc.

In PHP rand function is being used to generate random numbers, but is it really random number generator? Take a look at the following code.

< ?php for($i=0;$1i<50;$i++) { print rand(); } ?>

What this function will do? If you are thinking that it will produce 50 random numbers, you just need to run this code.…

7 things every web developer should know about Linux administration

Web programming is not only about how you develop your applications, its also about how you deploy your application or website.Although control panels are being provided by almost every shared hosting company using which we can easily deploy our applications but as soon as application grows in terms of size or scalability we need to put that on virtual dedicated or dedicated or in a cloud server like amazon EC2 .

Linux system administration is specialized field in itself but if as a programmer you also know how to handle some common tasks you can get good turn around as well as can optimize your application for performance.…

How to identify Bigdata? A first hand explaination

Bigdata is the word which is being used very often but yet to be defined properly. How much data can be classified as big data? Does big data only means big in size or big in complexity or both? If hard disks can be clubbed together to store very very large amount of data then why whole world has become so obsessed with big data? Is it something different from traditional DBMS?

There are many questions which may come to the mind of a person who is starting his journey with big data.…

6 Algorithms you must know to be a good programmer

Algorithms are defined sets of instructions to solve a problem or achieve something. Almost every process in computer world can be classified as an algorithm, still it is most difficult part of computer science for many learners.

Algorithms are necessary to make your programs intelligent and efficient. They can make your program rock and it can stand out in front of competition. You need to be good at analysis, understanding and draw abstraction to get good hold on this subject.

In this post I am trying to compile a list of algorithms which every program should know.…

15 Questions about Magento Ecommerce System

I am enlisting 15 questions related to Magento ecommerce system. If you can answer these questions, you can consider yourself as a good beginner in Magento.

To understand Magento you should cover at least following areas :

  • Store Management
  • Product Management
  • Category Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Understanding of product variables
  • Layout and themes
  • Cache Management
  • Backup and Restoration of Backup
  • Extension Overview

1. What is Magento and how it is different from other e-commerce solutions available in the market?
2. How to create new Magento extensions?…

PHP Functions to work with PHP Arrays

This posts was written in year 2006 on 20th May. In one of my server crash, I lost my posts, Today I got it recovered from, and representing it again.


Today, I am going to write about array PHP functions, these functions allow you to interact with and manipulate arrays in various ways.
Arrays are essential for storing, managing, and operating on sets of variables.

What are Arrays?

This is very easy to tell but sometime it is really difficult to understand the dynamics of arrays, after functions, arrays are one of the greatest mechanism of programming to solve the problem of data maintenance and presentation.…

26 questions about Object Oriented Programming in PHP

1. What is object oriented programming?
2. How PHP supports object oriented programming? Tell us about syntax etc.
3. What are main features and benefits of object oriented programming?
4. How object oriented programming is different from procedural programming?
5. What is inheritance? How it is implemented in PHP?
6. How multiple inheritance can be implemented in PHP?
7. What are differences between PHP 4 and PHP 5 in regards to object oriented programming?
8. What is encapsulation and how it helps writing modular applications in PHP?…

44 questions about Database Programming in PHP

1. What is Sqlite?
2. Why sqlite is being called inbuilt database in PHP?
3. How mysql can be installed?
4. How mysql can be configured?
5. What are best features of MYsql?
6. How many types of storage engine mysql supports?
7. What is different between mysql_fetch_row and mysql_fetch_array functions?
8. How mysql databases can be optimized or repaired?
9. Can we used stored procedure and triggers in mysql? Give details.
10. How transactions can be done in mysql?