No, I have not any latest news about the infamous linux legal battle.

I am just talking about my return to linux after a gap of around six months. Yesterday I installed linux on the machine I use at work.

Since last six months I was using Windows 2000 for development work as most of the persons in my company were not familar with linux, but two days ago, after a major virus attack on our systems, the management simply accepted my pending advice to install linux in the company at least on the main server.

We were doing all our work for linux platform in php, perl and mysql. Our web host server was a linux one and developement server was windows. It was realy problematic, specially in case of perl where we have to set the permissions for every file after every modification and upload to server.

After work all night for data backup, I started it at 7 a.m. (Indian Time), installation was smooth, and server was up in less than two hours. Now I am writing this post using galeon on my redhat box.