Some days ago my boss Mr. Nilesh Saxena, told me about a project. Feature list and details were very fine and at first sight I decide to do it myself.
But a problem arise as application was to be developed for desktop not for web. Some obivious options were Java, .NET and PHP. We ruled out JAVA due to possible a compatibility issue with the API we were supposed to use in that application.

PHP is web developement langauge so it was also ruled out. PHP-GTK was an option but we stuck at the availability of PHP enviroment at application users desktop.

Our last option was .NET but… I was not familiar with it.
So, I just loose the project, my boss assign it to a other fellow.

I was really depressed. So I decide to look after .NET. What is this? Why or Why not it is important.

Since last three days I am reading about .NET and found that it is not so great thing as it is branded by .NET programmers ( I am basically a PHP programmer, so there is chance of biased opinion.)

Any way I am learning it.

I found a very intresting article about .NET vs PHP.
read it

I am also looking for the possibilities of using .NET enviroment in PHP.