I am really feeling good by announcing that Nes Web Design (ONS Interactive Solutions Pvt. Ltd.), company with which I am working as CTO is sponsoring Smarty Template Engine, which in my view is the best Template Engine in PHP.Smarty helps a php developer in separating business logic from display logic.

It was year 2003 when I first got a chance to work with Smarty for a big project and today I am still proud of my decision.

Smarty is not just a presentation layer or tool to separate the html from programming code, it is in fact a complete system to handle display logic of your application. Smarty is so good at many things that many people call it a framework instead of template system. It has plug-in capacity,debug tool, programming construct, inbuilt shortcode, ability to extends functions, block level cache and so many other things, even you can use your php code in smarty template if need arise (although it is a bad practice).

Now something about my company Nes Web Design, Nes Web Design is a 9 years old company in the field of Web Design in India and I recently joined Nes Web Design as Chief Technology Officer. We are doing many projects on some industry standards like Zend Framework, Smarty and many more customized solutions.

We will continue our support to the open source movement.