Zareef Ahmed

Zareef Ahmed

Why should I design and develope a homepage? This question struck me on the very first day when I decided to register a domain name for my own homepage. The first reason for developing one is the word ‘HOMEPAGE’ to attach to this.

Who wants to be a homeless person…? I decided to develop a homepage because I just refuse to be homeless on the Internet.

But after registering the domain… a big question arose what should I present to visitors of my homepage? At that time I was not sure if anyone will ever visit my homepage …… I just made one page and wrote something about me in around 100 words and put it on world wide web.

Fortunately, I was surprised to see that visitors started browsing my homepage. There was nothing for them but four links to my other webpages on which I maintain a small collection of links about LINUX, MySQL, PHP and XML.

With visitors, came the sense of responsibility that I should be more helpfull to my visitors, so I added a ‘Usefull Links’ section on my homepage…. and the result was expected ..The number of visitors kept on increasing after that. …. Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Lycos and many other search engines were very kind to me as they put my home page on top positions for many keywords and phrases.

One thing I would like to mention is my contemporary situation at the time of that homepage launch. I was completely broken and really homeless in this world….. I was away from parents and every good thing in my life except my lovely wife and small child.

Today I am quite established in life again……once programming was my hobby, today it is my profession.

I think very few persons in this world have this opportunity.

This homepage played a vital role in my revival. My revival? It is a long story, hope one day I will be in position to write about that.

Till then you can browse my home page. Currently I added some pages (including this one), they contain information about my recent projects and something about me in details.

I know some persons can treat this home page as a self-praising campaign. I have to admit it …yes I am self-praising because I sincerely think every person should concentrate on his/her positive things…… and if you have a quality then why not to tell it to others?…… well, there is a saying “Quality Speaks Itself”……. light will throw its rays in darkness…. etc etc… But Sorry ! I am not a subscriber to this idea.

See if I had not made this homepage would you ever be able to know of me?

This does not mean I never pay attention to my weaknesses…. The best thing I can do to my weak points is to eradicate them from my personality. So if I know something is wrong with me I will try to make it right.

But you have a right to tell what is wrong with me or my works that’s why I have created a contact page on the site. Please Please Please help me in eradicating wrong in me so I can be more right to you and every visitor of my site.

Got a wrong in me – do not hesitate to tell me right now, an answer guaranteed.