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VMware on AWS : What you need to know?

In August 2017, AWS launched VMware for Amazon Cloud service after one year of work with vmware. It was announced at VMworld. It was in beta access since sometime for some selected customers.

Now you can take your VMware load to AWS while still managing your inhouse cloud operations. In this article, I am enlist some of the highlights of this service.
1. Currently it available in only US west (Oregon) region.
2. You can bring your existing licences with you while moving your load to this service.…

10 differences between AWS and Google Cloud

AWS is market leader in open cloud space but other players are making inroads into its market share. Google cloud is one of them. In this talk, we are going to cover 10 differences between Google Cloud and AWS. Major focus is on the features which covers common use cases. You can take this talk as stepping stone to understand another cloud service provider if you know one of them.

Here is the recording of this session.

3 things you need to know about AWS Migration Hub

AWS Migration has been recently announced by AWS. This is a service which you can use to migrate your applications to AWS. This service can be used to track status of application migrations. In this article, I am compiling 3 things you should know about it.

This service is not available in all regions. At the time of writing this article this is only available in US West (Oregon) region only. It can only interact with migration tools and give you a single window to manage those.…

7 Devops tools which you should know to create a productive devops culture

Let me state it in start without any introduction. Devops is a culture of practices. It is not a tool. In fact, it is a set of processes for which we use different type of tools, so we can create the culture we want to follow in our organisation or project life cycle. There are lots of open source or proprietary tools to service our devops strategies.

Devops is a combination of rituals as well as tools to do those rituals.…

Cloud Security : One mistake that can close down your cloud operations in few minutes

Few days back, I was in a discussion with a senior person. Our discussion was centred around cloud and security. We talked about lots of common and obvious processes and measures we can take for security of our applications on different platforms including but not limited to Amazon EC2, Azure and Google Cloud.

Cloud Computing Security

After discussion, I thought that I should write about most important thing in cloud security, which if not considered in your security plan, can be the reason of closure of your company in few minutes if not seconds.…