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Is a knowledge of Hadoop required to learn Spark?

You need to understand some basic differences between hadoop and spark.

One of the major difference is file system. Hadoop has HDFS while spark does not have any native file system associated with it.

So, you can run spark without hadoop in theory., but you need something to handle data. HDFS is one of the best choice for this task, in that case, you need to know the basic of Hadoop to get good results from Spark.…

Why do we use a token concept in PHP?

Question is not specific to PHP only, it is generic for Web development, language will not matter.

PHP has session tokens through which server will identify the session id of a specific user, (this is similar to many other languages). These tokens can be sent via cookies or via embedding in urls. In terms CSRF attacks, urls one are much better but these also expose many other security issues as token is embedded automatically (if you did not change your ini settings) to urls.…

What is the best Linux software to monitor web traffic on router?

 am assuming that you want to log and monitor the traffic which is passing through a hardware router.

Your question seems incomplete to me because at router level, it is difficult to decide if data which is being transferred is for web or something else.

You can treat all TCP/IP data transfer as web data or to be more precise, you can treat data passing through port 80 as web data. ( As port 80 is default http protocol), but technically speaking http server can listen on any available port.…