Author: Zareef Ahmed

3 things you need to know about AWS Migration Hub

AWS Migration has been recently announced by AWS. This is a service which you can use to migrate your applications to AWS. This service can be used to track status of application migrations. In this article, I am compiling 3 things you should know about it.

This service is not available in all regions. At the time of writing this article this is only available in US West (Oregon) region only. It can only interact with migration tools and give you a single window to manage those.…

7 Devops tools which you should know to create a productive devops culture

Let me state it in start without any introduction. Devops is a culture of practices. It is not a tool. In fact, it is a set of processes for which we use different type of tools, so we can create the culture we want to follow in our organisation or project life cycle. There are lots of open source or proprietary tools to service our devops strategies.

Devops is a combination of rituals as well as tools to do those rituals.…

Is a knowledge of Hadoop required to learn Spark?

You need to understand some basic differences between hadoop and spark.

One of the major difference is file system. Hadoop has HDFS while spark does not have any native file system associated with it.

So, you can run spark without hadoop in theory., but you need something to handle data. HDFS is one of the best choice for this task, in that case, you need to know the basic of Hadoop to get good results from Spark.…

Why do we use a token concept in PHP?

Question is not specific to PHP only, it is generic for Web development, language will not matter.

PHP has session tokens through which server will identify the session id of a specific user, (this is similar to many other languages). These tokens can be sent via cookies or via embedding in urls. In terms CSRF attacks, urls one are much better but these also expose many other security issues as token is embedded automatically (if you did not change your ini settings) to urls.…

Devops for QA : Is programming required?

Recently I got this query


I am working as a Testing team lead in manual testing so i don’t have a programming knowledge. Now, I want to learn DevOps. Before join in this course i want to clarify my doubts.

1. Is it possible to learn as a manual tester because I don’t have a programming knowledge?

2. Do I need to write or implement more coding or scripts?

3. Once I finished DevOps course and certification, can I work and perform well?…

Cloud Security : One mistake that can close down your cloud operations in few minutes

Few days back, I was in a discussion with a senior person. Our discussion was centred around cloud and security. We talked about lots of common and obvious processes and measures we can take for security of our applications on different platforms including but not limited to Amazon EC2, Azure and Google Cloud.

Cloud Computing Security

After discussion, I thought that I should write about most important thing in cloud security, which if not considered in your security plan, can be the reason of closure of your company in few minutes if not seconds.…

How to handle checkout when we are selling unique products?

Checkout process for unique product has to be handled in different way than products which are available in quantities. Products with one quantity are unique product. Paintings, concert tickets, hotel rooms, flight tickets ( when you choose a specific seat) are unique products. Old household items are also unique items.

We have two types of process for processing any purchase. In first type, we can do cart based checkout where a user usually add more than one product to their cart.…

In defense of QA team: Who is responsible for errors in any software or website?

Consider this hypothetical situation.

Something very precious was in a building. Building was being guarded by a guard who was responsible for the safety of precious item. A thief using his intelligence and luck stole that precious item from building. At a later stage, thief was caught but he claims that only security guard can be prosecuted for theft, in fact he demands that his act should be rewarded as a skill.

What is your first reaction? Impressed with thief’s arguments?…

Your projects are not your real baby, you may need to dispose them

“This project is my baby, I don’t want to see it perform badly, I will give everything to protect it”, Does this sentence sound familiar to you? You may have heard it from your colleague or may have said it yourself.

In my view, ‘Like my baby’ is a metaphor which is over used and abused by many persons. What you will do when you found a really bad architecture based application whose programmers are just treating it like a baby?…

2 things you should never do as a programmer

You will find lots of guides and articles on the internet about what you should do to be a good programmer. A lot has been written on what we should do to excel in any field.

In my view, its not only what we do which make us good in our profession. It mostly depends on what we should not do which make us excel at our work.

In this article I am making short list of two things which any programmer should not do.…