Author: Zareef Ahmed

India’s own .IN domian extension available to general public

Finally general public is allowed to use .in extension in their webistes.

Now you can register your domain with .in extension.

Once available only to a small group, `.in’ domain name would now be available online for everyone who seek. The new era for .in begins with an initial sunrise period. Owners of registered Indian trademarks or service marks who wish to protect their online identity will be given an opportunity to apply for .in domain names ahead of the general public.…

A New Linux Business Model

Open Source Unix like operating systems have become leaders in the world servers, and initiatives such as the W3C have delivered the de facto standards for the web, individual and corporate users continue to give out large sums for proprietary software.

Corporations producing and selling proprietary operating systems and applications software are effectively tapping huge markets and making super profits, while the Open Source Community seems to be picking up crumbs, for the most part.

Corporate members of the Open Source Community, with some notable exceptions such as IBM, are often struggling to break even or are funded by a combination of risk capital and grants; not a good basis for a business in the long run.…

E-bay drops MSN Passport

This is a very bad news for Microsoft. E-bay the giant in auction market just decide to stop using Microsoft’s Passport payment service from next month.

It is serious blow to microsoft. Lets see what happen after the much awaited windows version longhorn. Microsoft is believed to do something intresting in that version in relation to E-Commerce.

eBay deals blow to Microsoft service…

PHP and .NET

Some days ago my boss Mr. Nilesh Saxena, told me about a project. Feature list and details were very fine and at first sight I decide to do it myself.
But a problem arise as application was to be developed for desktop not for web. Some obivious options were Java, .NET and PHP. We ruled out JAVA due to possible a compatibility issue with the API we were supposed to use in that application.

PHP is web developement langauge so it was also ruled out.…

E-Commerce and Indian Cyber Law


“Baazee could have taken care of such listings before head. Baazee should review all the listings where the products violate copy right or any IPR. The telecom/internet service providers and online auctioneers must understand there responsibility in such cases. Meanwhile, it is high time for the specifications standardization bodies (ITU/3GPP/ETSI/), telecom equipment manufactures and the law enforcement agencies to think in the direction to save society values and moral ethics. We should not in general blind follow the technology.…

After Year 2000 problem…..?

Topic may seem very old as year 2000 has passed and all computers are now year 2000 ready.

But before you can take rest here is the list of some other problems:-

Most programs written in the C programming language are relatively immune to the Y2K problem, but suffer instead from the Year 2038 problem. Unix Time stamp will expire on that day as well.
IBM PC hardware suffers from the Year 2116 problem. For a PC, the beginning of time starts at January 1, 1980, and increments by seconds.…

Linux Days are here again !!!

No, I have not any latest news about the infamous linux legal battle.

I am just talking about my return to linux after a gap of around six months. Yesterday I installed linux on the machine I use at work.

Since last six months I was using Windows 2000 for development work as most of the persons in my company were not familar with linux, but two days ago, after a major virus attack on our systems, the management simply accepted my pending advice to install linux in the company at least on the main server.…