“PHP is gaining momentum and after full adaption of PHP 5 it

will be a langauge of choice for web development for companies

at any level”

This is my statement but normally my colleagues

see only my imotions behind this statement, here is the one of

the proof, Yahoo is looking for PHP developers with experience

in javascript etc. Full details :-

Software Engineering Positions at Yahoo! Ajax and PHP Yahoo!

is looking for a few highly talented and experienced PHP and

JavaScript software developers to join our world-class

engineering team. New approaches to web development have

unleashed a major rethinking about what can be accomplished,

and we’re producing new state-of-the-art user interfaces for

our next-generation platforms. If you’re as excited as we are,

send us your resume and put your talents on display for a

worldwide audience.

Please Submit Your

[email protected] Job No.: RX1000009382

Location: US – Sunnyvale Successful candidates will possess…

* Exceptional skills in PHP, DHTML, JavaScript, DOM and CSS. *

Working knowledge of XMLHTTP / SOAP / JSON in a cross-browser

environment. * Strong and well-informed opinions on software

architecture. * Great collaboration instincts and interest in

working on a high-energy team. * The ability to adapt quickly

to new technologies and changing business requirements. *

Clear and concise communication in both written and verbal

forms. * Self-motivation and a creative passion for inventing.

* A BS or MS in Computer Science (or related field). *

Experience with some or all of the following: Unix, CVS,

MySql, Apache, Perl, XML, XLST. Visit Yahoo! Careers for the

full listing of jobs available to you.

need more proof, I will provide time to time